Sniff Stick Hangover Fix

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Stick Hangover Fix, an invigorating, all-natural, certified organic nasal inhaler for hangovers.  For those of you who like to drink and sometimes have a little too much, this product is for you.  Unfortunately, when you have a night of heavy drinking (and who plans on doing that?)  traditional remedies just don’t work or take hours to start working.   Not to mention, when you wake up to the nausea, dizziness, queasy stomach and major headache; a pill or a drink is not what you want to put in your body.  The answer is to breathe in your relief through our Sniff Stick Hangover Fix Nasal Inhaler.

Each Sniff Stick is packed with the power to knock out a hangover and with proper care, will last 2 - 4 months.

The Science Behind It


Grapefruit Essential Oil

Latin Name: Citrus paradise

Aroma: Floral, Fruity, Citrus

Benefits: Helps Energizing, improves mental clarity and adds a pep in your step with its uplifting citrus aromas.  It’s great for purifying toxins too! 


Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Latin Name: Juniperus communis

Aroma: Sweet and musky

Benefits: Naturally detoxifies, improves immunity, reduces inflammation, reduces fatigue and muscle aches and pains.


Peppermint Essential Oil

Latin Name: Mentha piperita

Aroma: Minty and sweet

Benefits: Boost energy, anti-nausea benefits and soothing effects on the gastric lining and colon because of its ability to reduce muscle spasms, improves mental clarity and reduces headache pain.


Rosemary Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Rosmarinus officinalis 1, 8 cineol

Aroma: Woody

Benefits: Soothes digestive system, calms the mind and provides mental clarity, improves immunity and can be used as a decongestant.