What Is It?

What is a Sniff Stick Nasal Inhaler?

Many of you will remember the Vicks Inhaler that your parents or even you used years ago. All nasal inhalers are the same. The physical inhaler is made up of three parts.  The outer sleeve, the inner sleeve and a cotton wick.  The cotton wick holds the drops of essential oils.  It is placed inside the inner sleeve that is also the part that you breathe from.  The outer sleeve covers the inner sleeve which keeps the essential oils safe from evaporation. The Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers were developed by Susan Hilton who is a certified aromatherapist.

How it works

When you breathe in, the essential oils go into the nose then go to the lungs and the brain. Within 1 heart beat the essential oil molecules go into the bloodstream. You will feel relief moments after breathing the nasal inhaler. 

It is the best way to get essential oils into the body

One of the most unique features of aromatherapy is the variety of applications.  Of these, the most effective is breathing in the oils, also known as the inhalation method.  The use of aromatherapy nasal inhalers is a much more concentrated method than most other methods of inhaling essential oils.

The Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers contain a blend of organic essential oils.  The essential oils were selected because of the chemistry of the oil and intended benefit in using them. 

The Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers are easy to use – just unscrew the outside sleeve, hold it up to your nose and inhale deeply through each nostril.  It’s handy – the small size allows you to take it with you in your pocket or purse. Finally, it’s all natural – a pure essential oil blend without harmful chemicals.  And always no prescription is required.

The Science Behind It (For those who want to read this)

Olfaction is the medical term for smelling. It is, of course, one of our five senses. All the senses are important, but the sense of smell is something special. When an aroma is “smelled” it is really small molecules naked to the eye that we are sensing. These invisible molecules are sniffed into the nose and come in contact with the olfaction membrane. This sticky member is covered with millions of nerve receptors. When the aroma molecule is captured by the olfaction membrane and a receptor site for the scent molecule is found, an instantaneous message is sent into the limbic system within the brain. This system is comprised of many parts of the brain. The limbic system deals with our emotions and long term memory. It is under unconscious control. The messages that the thalamus, one of the areas in the limbic system, sends to the cerebral cortex is what causes the brain to take action -- to create a memory -- of the aroma.

There are many benefits to inhaling essential oils. First, these very small molecules are absorbed into our lungs quickly. That allows them to work on respiratory issues such as colds, flu, congestion, and environmental issues. Second, the nose, eyes, ears, and skin are considered the “first line of defense” of the body. They are openings into the body where bacteria, viruses, and fungi can get inside us. Inhaling essential oils can help to prevent infections coming into the body through the nose. Third, when inhaled, essential oil molecules can cross into the blood stream from the lungs. This is how essential oils can be delivered to the whole body -- through the blood. Last, because the oils can get into our body through the lungs, they work on the central nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord where sensory impulses are transmitted and where motor impulses go out to coordinate the activity of the entire nervous system.

Hope you enjoyed reading these amazing facts about nasal inhalers and specifically Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers.