Question: Will using a Sniff Sick Nasal Inhaler really work?

Answer: Yes!  We have developed the Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers to help with Colds & Cough, Headaches, Allergies and Hangovers. The research behind the science of using therapeutic grade essential oils is fascinating and has been around for a long time.  We know the chemistry of each essential oil and knowing that, we know how they will work on your symptoms.


Question: When should I start using the inhaler?  

Answer: The inhaler will start working as soon as you have onset of symptoms. Starting the inhaler can help prevent the cold, cough, allergies and headache. Using the Hangover Fix inhaler while you’re drinking will not prevent a hangover, but it will reduce symptoms as soon as they begin.


Question: How often can I use the Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers?

Answer: Since all of the nasal inhalers are made from all natural, organic ingredients you can use it as often as necessary.  One to two deep inhaling breathes in each nostril is considered one application.  Using it several times throughout the day is perfectly fine.  You do not have to worry with over use of the products.


Question: How long does it take for the Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers to start working?

Answer: Within the first use you would start to feel better within minutes.  As the essential oils are entered into the body the circulatory system will disperse the oils to all the areas throughout the body that need them.


Question: How long will the Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers last?

Answer: With proper storage these products could last up to 90 days. Make sure after using your inhaler to screw the top on securely.  You will know that  you need another Sniff Stick when the aroma begins to weaken.


Question: Are there any people that should avoid using Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers?

Answer: Individuals with heart disease or high blood pressure should us the Headache Fix and Hangover Fix with caution.  Peppermint Essential Oil can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Juniper Berry should not be used by women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or are breastfeeding due to the possibility of encouraging uterine contractions that could cause miscarriage.  Juniper Berry effects are unknown on its safety with infants if breastfeeding and therefore should be avoided. 


Question: Can I use any of the Sniff Stick Nasal Inhalers for other issues?

Answer: Yes!  Because of the varieties of symptoms that occur during a hangover, the Hangover Fix Inhaler can be used to help reduce headaches, nausea, indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, dizziness, motion sickness, lethargy, fatigue, and even sinus congestion. The Headache Fix can also help with digestion and acid reflux,